Bought It, Been There, Done That: What To Do Next With Your Homeschool Texts

Homeschooling provides a world of benefits to assist you and your children with succeeding in school and learning with flexibility built into the courses. There is just one major drawback. If you pay for the homeschool texts, you are stuck with them. For example, if you purchased 6th grade homeschool history books and the course materials, the books are now yours. Unless you utilize one of the following courses of action, your only other option is to donate the books to a thrift store.

Reuse Them with Younger Children

If you have more children who are going to be homeschooled through 6th grade (or whatever grade you have textbooks for), then you can reuse these books. The only time this does not work according to plan is when the textbooks change, and the curriculum no longer allows your use of the textbooks you have. Fortunately, most families that homeschool can use the same texts for at least two of their children before these changes occur.

Sell them to Bookstores

Big, name-brand bookstores now buy and sell used textbooks. It is not a commonly known thing, except to college students. However, they bookstores take more than just college texts. They take texts from all grades, including elementary school, so that many schools that cannot afford brand-new textbooks can buy these at a discount from the bookstores. Other parents who homeschool their kids also have online access to these used texts, which makes homeschooling more affordable for them, too.

Sell them to Other Parents Who Homeschool Their Kids

You would be very surprised to learn that homeschooling as an education option has risen dramatically in popularity in the last decade. That said, there is probably a number of families in your area who homeschool, and one or more of those families will need your used textbooks for the coming school year. You can post on social media websites and in local "buy, swap, trade" sites and apps that you have these used textbooks for sale. To make it more affordable for you, list the items as "local pick-up only" so that you do not have to pay shipping costs to send the texts. 

Online Auction Sites

Although much less common, you could still sell your used texts on an online auction site. Start your bidding price low, around $5 for hardcovers and $3 for soft covers. You should be able to sell them rather quickly this way. 

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