Adventure Memoirs That Tie Into Day Trips That You Share With Your Child

Learning and exploration can be inspired through your travels with your child. With the recent influx in gas prices and food costs, you may not have adequate funding to take a long family vacation this summer. Introducing your child to some adventure memoirs and tying in some day trips that correspond to their reading activities is a fun way to continue prompting your child to seek new experiences.

Adventure Memoir

An adventure memoir is a written true account of what someone has endured during their own personal journey. A memoir may focus on someone's goal to excel at an outdoor activity or may concentrate on one's curiosity about a particular geographical location, landmark, animal species, or more. There is no restriction placed upon what an adventure memoir should include.

Each book is uniquely different from one another and will focus solely on an author's perception of their unique circumstances. Children's memoir books will be written in a format that youngsters can understand and relate to. An author may share a personal story that they experienced as a child or may tell a series of stories that have taken place over the course of their lifetime. Choose books that contain subject material that is reflective of the time of the year.

Day Trips

Create some intrigue about the reading activity that you would like your child to participate in. You can fill out some slips of paper that provide subtle hints about an upcoming day trip that you would like to share with your son/daughter and secure them to the appropriate books. For example, if you purchase a book that contains a water adventure, you can write a subtle hint about a day trip that will involve visiting a local waterfall or another body of water.

If you buy a book that features animals, you can write a clue that pertains to visiting a zoo or another local venue where animals are located. This type of hint giving may inspire your child to pick out a specific adventure memoir to read. After your child finishes reading a book, discuss the content with your child.

They may have discovered some interesting facts about something or may be compelled to share their insight about what an author encountered during their travels. After the discussion, tell your child to show you the clue that prompted them to read the book. Then, tell your child about the day adventure that the two of you will be participating in.

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