Historical Women From The Past Can Be The Focus Of A Class Project

Reading about the struggles that pioneer women endured or an invention that a notable female made can really put things into perspective and can teach a child what their elders did to make life easier for the people who are living in the United States today. If you are an elementary school teacher, one of the projects that you can assign your class this fall is to write a report about a specific woman who positively impacted the environment or society as a whole.

Choose A Diverse Collection Of Books

You probably are aware of some famous women who you have been discussing in class over the years, but there are countless others that some authors may have written about. Don't overlook the individuals who may have had a smaller part in making history. Each person is equally important, and without their contributions, things may not be the way that they are in the present.

Stop at your local library to browse some reading materials that are geared toward the children in the class. Since you are going to be assigning the children to write reports, you may want them to each read a book at their leisure. It may not be practical to borrow enough books for the children to read, especially if they are going to be taking the reading materials home with them.

Instead, borrow a couple of books that you can read aloud to the class and write down a list of authors and book titles that pertain to the project and purchase these items from a bookstore. This will prevent any worries about books not being returned on time or incurring damage.

Inspire The Kids

Start a group discussion during class and introduce your students to the historical women who are described in the books that you borrowed from the library. Read some excerpts aloud and ask some questions to acquire the students' opinions about the women and their claims to fame. This exercise may get the students thinking about their own possibilities in life and may encourage them to take an active part in the project.

Briefly go over the list of women who are highlighted in the books that you have purchased and call upon the children to select one of the reading materials. Allow plenty of time for the students to read the books during class, as well as at home. Once they have finished the reading materials, ask them to return them to you and instruct everyone to write a report based upon what they have learned.

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